"Thanks for your stunning concert at the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library of Congress. Your concert had all the ingredients of a deep and lasting artistic experience: a marvelous sound and a sound that continued to surpass itself as the program progressed; wonderful material: what was familiar was richly reinterpreted; what was new to our ears fastened itself upon them with deep satisfaction; presentation with sensitive levels of vigor, tenderness, spirituality."
Bruce Miller, Washington DC - March 2003
"The Kansas City Chorale artistic director and conductor Charles Bruffy, who is celebrating 15 years with the chorale, is entitled to look back with pride. He has led the group to international prominence and has been able through personnel changes to keep the ensemble in top form."
Kansas City Star - April 2
"American music has been the lifeblood of this group since its inception, and it sings American music better than any group I know. Randall Thompson's anthemic "Alleluia" is a perfect example. There is a special understanding, an ineffable rightness, to the chorale's singing of this well-known masterpiece that defies logic."
Kansas City Star - April 2003
"The Chorale is one of the finest choirs in the United States. And its leader, Charles Bruffy, is a master choral director, widely respected locally and nationally."
Kansas City Star - December 2004
"Hearing an American Choir on Chandos, an English label, would seem like bringing coals to Newcastle. You'd think that their own domestic legions of world-class choirs would fill their needs. But Chandos recognizes exceptional choral quality wherever it is to be found and they've certainly upheld their reputation in this utterly gorgeous release."
American Record Guide - March 2007
"By any reckoning, this CD features astonishing singing. Pitch, intonation and ensemble are exactly where they need to be. Although there are miles and miles of soft singing on this disc, not once do the singers lose their tonal focus, and the intensity of the sound actually seems to increase as the dynamic level decreases. To pile miracle upon miracle, Chandos has given the singers engineering which is both limpid and powerful. This would be a good disc with which to test your system's high-end response."
Raymond Tuttle, International Record Review April 2007
"Eternal rest" sounds like an attractive concept for a disc. These sounds of sorrow, intended as solace or terminal care, bathe the listener in a luxurious and soothing choral sound, which the Chandos engineering captures perfectly. The works on the disc are spiced with carefully considered dissonances, which the choir's granite-solid intonation and virtuoso ease do complete justice. 'There will be rest' and the psalm setting 'In pace' by American composers Frank Ticheli and Rene Clausen, are memorials professionally crafted for top-notch choirs with a sweetness that is never syrupy."
Antti HÃyrynen, Rondo Classica April 2007
"I was so taken by this CD that features the combined forces of the Phoenix Bach Choir and the Kansas City Chorale that I was actually daunted by the prospect of writing a review that would do it justice. If nothing else this disc proves the assertion that one doesn't have to live in the largest metropolitan centers to hear absolutely top-rank choral singing. Both these professional choirs are directed by Charles Bruffy who, over the last twenty years, has made a real name for himself in American choral circles. This CD can do nothing but elevate his and the choirs' status further."
J. Scott Morrison, Amazon.com January , 2007
"In Ren' Clausen's In Pace and Frank Ticheli's hushed There Will Be Rest (commemorating the death of a child) they have the field to themselves and their well drilled and beautifully balanced singing prove deeply satisfying. The first of a series of joint ventures by these choirs; future installments will be well worth hearing."
Guy Rickards, Gramophone, March 2007
"Grechaninov's Passion Week is a companion cycle to his better known, All-night Vigil, and it is wonderful to hear it complete (bits sometime crop up in anthologies here and there, but it's scarcely known outside Russia). The superlatives have already piled up against Charles Bruffy's name, and deservedly so. There can only be one reason for a label to release repertoire they already had in their catalogue, and that is that the new performance is so striking."
William Whitehead , BBC Music Magazine - May 2007 Choral/Vocal CD of the Month
"Luxuriant textures, sumptuous harmonies, mouth-watering melodies, all beautifully conveyed with ravishing choral tone; this is a simply gorgeous disc. I advise pouring a glass of the finest (preferably Irish) whiskey, taking it to a seat in the sun possibly shaded by cherry blossoms) with a view across verdant gardens dotted with clumps of the freshest spring flowers to a distant ocean, calm and sparkling under a cloudless sky, and relaxing there with this disc not too far in the background. Purely in the interest of critical accuracy, I have tried it and I can guarantee it makes you glad to be alive. It redefines contentment."
Marc Rochester, International Record Review April 2007
"In this first-ever complete recording of Grechaninov's Passion Week, Chandos has pressed into service the mighty Kansas City Chorale, augmented by the Phoenix Bach Choir., in movements for double chorus and presumably elsewhere in this virtuoso work as well. Recorded at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Kansas City, this Direct Stream Digital Super Audio CD simply has marvelous sound that reproduces the very breath of the farthest chorister. Chandos' Passion Week, Op. 58, is a slam-dunk for those who love great choral music; it is a major addition to the recorded repertoire for chorus and is a telling example of what "high holy minimalism" sounds like when it isn't minimal."
Dave Lewis, All Music Guide, May, 2007
"For starters, this CD contains some of the finest a cappella singing I've ever heard. Its sumptuous choral tone must be heard to be believed. It is done by two professional choirs from seemingly unlikely places, the combined Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Bach Choir. I have raved about their prior recordings both separately and in combination but this release possibly tops anything they've done, at least in terms of ineffably beautiful a cappella choral sound. There is no question that Charles Bruffy, the conductor of both the Phoenix Bach Choir and the Kansas City Chorale, is one of the most talented choirmasters currently working anywhere in the world. He may very well be the US analog to Eric Ericson of Sweden or Laurence Equilbey of France. Certainly his choruses' style is more European than English, and it is to the English Chandos label's credit that they have added these two Bruffy-directed choirs to their roster."
J. Scott Morrison, Amazon.com May, 2007
"There is a tight quasi-symphonic unity about the piece that possibly derives from Grechaninov's admiration for Wagner. When one adds to this the outstanding use of "choral orchestration," it is clear that The Seven Days of the Passion is a milestone in the history of Russian choral literature. It's clear, too, that Charles Bruffy and his singers understand this fully, rejoicing in the work's technical challenges and its vast range of colour, and pacing it superbly."
Ivan Moody, Gramophone, June 2007